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Which gemstone to wear for getting job?

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Which gemstone to wear for getting job?

hi my 13 april 1982 panjim 3 am

im looking for a job in the travel sector but i always fail at interview stage for cabin crew with airlines

before my interviews i always get dreams of snake (cobras) till my day of interview

when will i go out of india and will i get a job ? should i go for Europe or UAE countires '

which day /date is good for me to apply for jobs

i have a chance to change my passport should i go ahead and change my nationality

i took loan and gave a lady money will i get it back

which stone should i wear

thank you


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Dear Szewinska,

A combination of gemstones for Venus, Saturn and Mercury in Silver setting will help you resolve the issues mentioned.

  1. Diamond (50 cents to 1 carat) or White Topaz (4.5 to 5 carats) in Right Ring finger.
  2. Blue Sapphire (4.5 to 5 carats) or Blue Topaz (4.5 to 5 carats) in Left Middle finger.
  3. Emerald (4.5 to 5 carats) in Right Little finger.

Thank You