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Beautiful Teal Color Pendant

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Beautiful Teal Color Pendant

I have a pendant that I purchased about 15-20 yrs ago at a psychic fair. I was told that this particular stone was rare and the supply would soon be all gone.  If I'm remembering correctly, I think they told me it was synthetic or man-made. It is a beautiful teal color with dark areas. The color seems to have crystallized with the color spreading throughout the stone like ice sometimes crystallizes.

I would like to identify this particular stone and can find nothing online that even resembles it. The dealer I purchased from was traveling through and I have no way of contacting them. If I sent you a picture of this stone, could you help me identify it?

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If the stone is completely opaque then your stone could be either chrysocolla or turquoise on the basis of color teal (greenish-blue). But it would make sense if you can post the picture of the gemstone.