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Is "raspberry sugilite" really sugilite?

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Is "raspberry sugilite" really sugilite?

I am trying to track down information on a stone I have seen recently in Albuquerque galleries. They are calling it "Raspberry Sugilite" . It doesn't look like any sugilite I've ever seen. Most of what I know is either opaque plumb or royal purple, sometimes with  black or white swirling. This "raspberry' stuff is much lighter lilac, edging towards magenta. I know better that to ID by color, but the visual texture is also unlike what I see in other sugilite. It has quartzy sections which seem to alternate direction, and a chatoyance more similar to charoite than sugilite. It also seems way to cheap to be sugilite; they had large pendant style beads (at least 40 grams each) for $12.

I appreciate any help in uncovering this mystery.

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Without a picture I would say it isn't Sugilite based solely on the price. A lot of Sugilite being sold is actually very light - a matrix of lilac/lavender in white, and I have seen some Sugilite that is almost fuschia and semi-translucent/gemmy.

However, I'm always suspicious of qualifying words in front of a stone. Have you asked any of the dealers if this is genuine Sugilite?

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I have a sugilite on my Engagement Ring and I can help you only if you can post the picture of that one. I am also interested to know that is this unique and bit economical stone for real.