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How to Identify Real Hessonite Garnet (Gomed)?

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How to Identify Real Hessonite Garnet (Gomed)?

Is there any simple method for a common buyer to know whether hessonite is real or not?

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People dealing in hessonite garnet can identify this stone just under the basis of its appearance (heat-wave effect) and color (orange-red, brownish red, orange-yellow). But 100% confirmatory test can only be made with the help of gemological instruments (refractometer and spectroscope).

Hessonite garnet can be identified with heat-wave effect which appears as hazy appearance or distorted appearance inside the stone. For a common buyer it is not possible to identify hessonite garnet just by visual appearance because they won’t be able to make out how heat-wave effect looks.

There are other gemstones (yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, natural yellow zircon) in trade which appears similar to hessonite garnet so it is difficult for a common buyer to identify if a gemstone is hessonite garnet.

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Please let me know for ladies on which hand & finger they should wear Gomed Stone (Hessonite)?

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Hessonite garnet should be worn on middle finger of left hand for females preferably on Saturday morning after sunrise and worshipping. One can keep the hessonite garnet on early sunrise to recharge it.