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Sapphires Under Ultra Voilet Light

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Sapphires Under Ultra Voilet Light

Since being sold some fake loose 'Sapphires' a couple of years ago, I have been a little hesitant when buying Sapphires again.

This time, I bought some Sapphire rings, which look good, (one is the 'profile picture' at the moment) but I have noticed, that much like the stones that turned out to be fakes a couple of years ago, two of the Blue Sapphires show respectively pink and red under ultra violet light.

I don't think 'Blue Sapphires' should be showing RED or PINK fluorescence under ultra violet light, so I would like to know if there are any members who can tell me if this is 'normal' or does it show the stones are 'fake'?

I know that Diamonds do 'fluoresce' sometimes and the diamonds I do have have several stones  that do fluoresce, among stones that don't, but I am not sure about the Sapphires and would appreciate any advice.